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COVID-19 Policies

1. We ask that the dancer please bring their own water bottle with their first and last name on it. We are not allowed to have the water fountain available.

2. The teacher will give all students hand sanitizer at the end of class and will walk students to the exit where you dropped them off to be released to a parent/guardian.

3. At this time as we ease back into fully opening up our studio while still monitoring the pandemic we will be allowing 1 parent to enter the building for dance class. NO siblings and NO strollers are allowed. To do this we are requiring everyone entering the building to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status for the time being. If you wish to not wear a mask please do not enter the building, you may drop your dancer at the front door and pick up your dancer at the back door. Our studio can not accommodate social distancing with parents in the lobby which is why we are still requiring masks for parents in the studio. We will continue to offer SPOT TV as an alternative. Due to the lifting of COVID restrictions, we are no longer offering ZOOM as an option. 

4. Parents must wear a mask when entering the lobby to conduct business and watch your child take class.

5. All staff will be wearing a mask at all times.

6. It is up to the parents discretion if you want your child to wear a mask.

7. If you have been sick, have a fever, cough, or runny nose please stay at home. 

8. Students are to come dressed and ready for class.

9. The teacher will be cleaning their dance room in between each class. We will continuously be cleaning all surfaces (door knobs, door handles, desk) common areas and bathrooms.


  • We have chosen to take extra steps to keep our dancers protected by introducing a proprietary two step sanitation process used by the NFL, NBA, NHL and other top sports facilities in the country. We are now treating our entire facility including ballet barres, equipment and dance floors with SportsSani. Once it's applied, it bonds to the surfaces and retains its effectiveness for a minimum of 30 days. Our commercial grade cleaner is EPA registered and on the schedule N as a virucide and listed as effective against human coronavirus. Step 2 is a biostatic finish that bonds to gym surfaces and inhibits microbial growth and works not with poison, but by puncturing cell walls on a microscopic level. This monthly protocol is just one more way we are working to keep our facility clean and our dancers safe.

Reme Halo

  • We have also purchased two Reme Halo Air Purification Systems to sanitize and clean the air within the dance studio with UV lights.  This in-duct air purifier (REME HALO)  uses ultraviolet light and ionized hyperoxide output to kill bacteria and viruses both in the air and on surfaces. These units are continually working to sanitize our studio air and surfaces.  Our dance family means the world to us and we will always do our part to keep your loved ones safe in our care.

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