Tiny Dance | Age 2


  • Our 2 year old program is a fun approach created to give our tiniest dancers a great introduction to dance. This 25-minute class meets once a week. Students are introduced to Ballet, Creative Movement, Tap and Tumbling (We alternate Tap and Tumbling each week). For many of these tiny dancers this is their first experience in a classroom setting. This curriculum teaches them social/classroom skills such as waiting in line, taking turns, sharing, learning to work with partners and much more. Our program teaches them body awareness, spatial awareness and motor movements. Our Tiny Dancers are always a HIT in our annual recital. They definitely steal the spotlight and shine on stage.

Pre-Dance 1 | Age 3 to 4

  • This course builds on coordination, body awareness, and terminology by working with their peers in a creative and loving environment. This class includes Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling (We alternate Tap and Tumbling each week). Our curriculum teaches the fundamentals of ballet through skipping, hopping, balancing, rhythm and coordination exercises. The tumbling portion of the program introduces the fundamentals of acrobatics and reinforces self-confidence. The tap portion teaches musicality and basic tap technique. This is a 40-minute class that meets once a week.

Pre-Dance 2 | Age 3 ½ to 4

  • Our Pre-Dance 2 curriculum is a continuation of Pre-Dance 1. Pre-Dance 2 continues the learning for young dancers who now have basic knowledge of terminology and technique. The focus is still on Ballet, Tap and Tumbling. In addition, we introduce basic jazz technique. Our teachers continue to focus on developing coordination, body awareness, musicality, terminology and working with their peers. Dancers must complete Pre-Dance 1 or have teacher approval in order to be enrolled into Pre-Dance 2. This is a 40-minute class that meets once a week.

Combo 1 | Age 5 to 7 ½

  • This 55-minute class focuses on Ballet and Jazz technique and meets once a week. Our combo program is designed to build on the foundation of our Pre-Dance 1 and 2 program. The fun songs and teaching methodology make our combo classes a creative, educational and fun experience. Our combo program also gives our dancers the opportunity to expand their dance technique by encouraging them to take additional elective classes. They can choose from Jr. Acro, Jr. Tap or Jr. Hip Hop.

Combo 2 | Age 6 to 7 ½

  • Combo 2 is an expansion of our Combo 1 class. A student must complete Combo 1 or have teacher approval to be enrolled in Combo 2. The Combo 2 curriculum uses more challenging terminology and continues to develop proper technique. This is a 55-minute class.

Jr. Acro | Age 5 to 7 ½

  • Acro teaches basic tumbling skills and technique. The students will work on developing core strength, flexibility and floor tricks. This is a 25-minute class that meets once a week. 

Jr. Tap | Age 5 to 7 ½

  • Tap is a classic discipline that has great use in developing musicality, rhythm and timing. This is a 25-minute class that meets once a week.

Jr. Hip Hop | Age 5 to 7 ½

  • Hip Hop is a fun class for our dancers to express themselves while using current and fun music. This street style dance class is 25-minutes long and meets once a week. 

Hip Hop


  • If your dancer loves to bust a move then this class is the perfect fit! Originating from the streets, hip hop is an urban dance style that is commonly seen in music videos and pop concerts, and is performed to the latest music. Our faculty aims to create a fun-filled, high energy environment teaching the basic hip hop technique and terminology. Hip hop is great for developing personal style, and improving articulation and rhythm all while staying age appropriate and family friendly. We offer an 8-11 Hip Hop class, 12 & up Hip Hop class, Hip Hop 2 class, BOYS only Hip Hop class and ADULT Hip Hop.

Acro 1 & 2 | Age 8 and up


  • Acro is the combination of gymnastics and dance fusing together tumbling, balance and contortion with dance elements. Students will work on increasing focus, strength, flexibility and control. It also builds confidence, spatial awareness and the power of persistence. In a performance setting, acro allows dancers to perform tricks while maintaining fluidity and grace on stage.

Ballet 1 & 2 | Age 8 and up


  • Come enjoy the beauty and grace of classical ballet! This class will cover basic ballet positions, steps and vocabulary with a focus on the student's awareness of proper posture and body alignment. Standing barre work and center floor exercises will be given to enhance coordination, strength, balance and flexibility. Participants will also develop a sense of musical awareness and movement quality. 

Jazz 1 & 2 | Age 8 & up


  • Jazz is an upbeat and fun class that combines creativity with technical dance elements. This fast paced class consist of a warm up, across the floor progressions, and choreography. Dancers will work on basic jazz technique, kicks, leaps, and turns set to popular music. It is highly-encouraged for students with lots of energy!

Musical Theater | Age 8 & Up


  • Have you ever wanted to dance like a Broadway star? This class combines high-energy dance with acting and expression to create a performer with outstanding stage presence. Students will learn basic staging direction and character building, as well as an overview of popular songs from American musical theater. Dancers will fine tune their performance and stage skills, while learning Broadway-inspired choreography and movement. 

Lyrical/Contemporary 1 & 2 | Age 8 & Up


  • This class will incorporate both Lyrical and Contemporary styles of dance. Lyrical is a combination of jazz and ballet, that artistically interprets the words of a song. Contemporary combines ballet and modern techniques with musical and emotional expression. These dance forms challenge dancers to use choreography and movement to interpret music and express emotion to convey the dance’s meaning. 

Apprentice Company


  • Our Apprentice Company is geared for those dancers who want to take advantage of performance opportunities in a non-competitive manner. These dancers will take Ballet, Jazz and a Performance Class and participate in community performances throughout the year. 

D360 Dance Company


  • This program is geared for the more serious dancer which allows them to showcase their talents on the competitive level. Our D360 Company trains in all genres of dance and we provide mentorship to prepare them for the next level, whether it be dancing professionally or moving onto a college dance team. We give them the tools they will need to succeed in the world of performing arts and the safe environment in which to explore. These dancers compete on the regional and national level, to expose their talent and create opportunities throughout the country. The D360 Company focuses on technique, performance, community and character.



  • Dance 360 Orlando offers ballet, tap, stretch and hip hop adult classes based on popularity. Adult classes are friendly and encouraging, and provide a fun way to exercise and socialize. Adult dancers are not required to wear a leotard or tights, and may choose to wear activewear or gym-type clothing. Appropriate shoes are required for each dance class.


Adaptive dance classes for individuals with special needs


  • In the 2019-2020 dance year, Dance 360 Orlando introduced a new program for dancers of all abilities called our Heart & Sole Program. The program is run by Miss Kristen and Miss Michelle. Our Heart & Sole dancers are taught a variety of motor skills and dance lessons which are adapted to their abilities. This program is ideal for students with Autism, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder and other learning differences and physical challenges.

  • Our program helps with:

    • Gross & Fine Motor Skills

    • Strength & Flexibility

    • Receptive & Expressive Language

    • Social Skills

    • Motor Planning

    • Body Control & Awareness

    • Memory & Recall Skills

    • Focus & Coordination


  • Dance 360 is offering Virtual Options for Classes and Summer Camps. For more information, please email us at

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